Temaki is actually a form of makizushi. What makes temaki stand out is the shape. Temaki is served in a cone made of nori. Nori sheets are cut in half so that a small pile of sushi rice and fillings can be made on one corner. Then the nori is tightly rolled in a conical shape which can easily be held by hand while it is dipped into an assortment of sauces, including soy sauce and wasabi. For optimal taste and texture, temaki must be eaten quickly after being made because the nori cone soon absorbs moisture from the filling and loses its crispness, making it somewhat difficult to bite through. There are premade shortcuts to help keep your nori cone crisp until serving, but not at Sumo Sumo.

Like all of our makizushi, we hand roll temaki so it is crisp and easy to eat right out of our kitchen. We use fresh, quality seafood meats such as crab, eel, salmon and tuna. Our flavour combinations are brilliantly brought together with crisp vegetables and sensational Japanese-inspired sauce recipes.

We are famous for our mesago mayonnaise. Masago is the processed eggs of the capelin fish. The capelin is a small fish that lives in massive schools throughout the northern Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It is usually an orange reddish colour. If you have ever tried tobiko, you will recognize some similarities to masago. The flavour of masago is more subtle than tobiko, and somewhat less crunch. Overall it is a salty seafood type flavour.

You’ll definitely want to try our spider cone. This delicious temaki cone is made with fresh, tender soft-shell crab. The texture of crab is just made for a temaki cone. We flavour the crab with avocado and our famous mesago mayo. It’s an explosive flavour combination that will leave your mouth watering for more. There is incredible intensity with each bite-but not too spicy. This is a one-of-a-kind roll, only available at Sumo Sumo.