Sushi and sashimi are often confused. Sashimi is thinly sliced raw fish, served without rice. Sushi is not always made with raw fish. It is the vinegared rice that makes sushi sushi.

The word sashimi means “pierced body”, deriving from the ancient culinary practice of pinning the fish tail and fin to the dish for identification. Sashimi is a traditional first course in a Japanese meal, but can also serve as a delicious main course. In North America it is a very popular dish for sharing.

The art of preparing sashimi is centuries old and requires the skill set of a master chef. The skill is so complex to master that it was once considered too difficult for all but samurai. Sumo Sumo’s head chef is extremely experienced with sashimi and uses traditional Japanese methods to prepare it.
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You’ll definitely want to try Sumo Sumo’s lobster sashimi. A Dense & Rich Sashimi Lobster Experience Lobster sashimi served with assorted sashimi, lobster & mango roll, 2 miso soups & 2 salads. Where cooked lobster is creamy, rich and soft, the raw lobster was light and a bit more toothsome. It has dense flavour and provides a unique flavour and texture experience.Lobster sashimi is difficult to prepare, besides the obvious necessity of total freshness, the lobster must be served immediately to avoid the muscles tensing up and toughening.

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